Books & Candles: MFEO

October 13, 2013 2 Comments

What we’re finally figuring out, is that books and candles are MFEO. Made. For. Each. Other. (I’m totally bummed I can’t find the Sleepless in Seattle clip to go along with this!) Anyway, when curled up reading a book, nothing quite sets the mood like a fire in the fireplace or (for those without fireplaces) the glow of a candle. And to have a candle that smells like the book you’re reading!? Well, we’re glad other people seem to like that idea as much as we do.

Our candles are now available at a local bookshop, Sixth Chamber Books in St. Paul, and its sister-store Fox Den Books in River Falls, WI. Up till now we’ve been selling in gift stores, and we think the candles have really found their home (and target audience) among books. The store owner even made an amazing display with our candles lined out on a shelf and their corresponding book behind them. We’re definitely stealing this idea for craft fairs! Browsers might overlook a candle, but candles paired with books will no doubt catch some nerds’ eyes!

We were also recently asked by an author (Tina Whittle) to make two custom scents based on her mystery books. Pretty incredible! The candles are inspired by the two main characters and settings in the stories. We worked with Tina to pick out the right scents for her custom candles, and she intends to give them out as promotional items. The fourth book in the series is coming out soon, so make sure to keep an eye out for it if you’re a mystery fan!


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